Do you judge your favored candidate by donations?

One of the attractions that supporters have for Donald Trump is that with his wealth, he is not taking money from big donors. He says he is free to do as he pleases, and does not take orders from the big donors. Naturally, if a wealthy person gives megabucks, they tend to want to later receive “favors” from the candidate. Just like ordinary people may send a few dollars to a candidate that holds their views, the big donors do as well.

Bloomberg Business recently posted charts of the donations each candidate has received from July 1 thru Sept 30, 2015. They broke it down to large donations (Over $200 – $2700) and small donations (less than $200). Of course, this data does not include the Super PACs since they must be under separate control.

Some candidates receive almost all of their funds from large donors. We mostly know who those people are. Then there are others who get their support from the “grassroots” folks. Likewise, we can guess who those people are. Just because a candidate receives megabucks from megadonors does not necessarily result in the candidate leading in the polls. Jeb Bush is an example of this.

I made a graph from the Bloomberg data to better compare the relationship of the amount of money being funneled to the candidates. Are you surprised by the top recipient and that she gets 82% of the donations from the rich folks?

2015 Presidential Candidates Donations

Click to enlarge

On the GOP side, many of the big donors are holding back to see what happens as the field narrows. Grassroots people may be doing the same thing. Judging by all the emails I receive from several of the candidates, I’m certain this is happening. It’s unfortunate that it costs so much to run a campaign. We may not always get the best person for the most important job in the U.S., but MONEY TALKS!

Troubling times ahead

The past couple weeks have been troubling. Last Thursday, Obama said he had ISIS “contained”. The next day over 100 Parisians were slaughtered and around 300 were injured by ISIS terrorists.

Later, Obama did a Q&A presser at the G20 Summit in Turkey where he mildly discussed the Paris massacre but showed anger when reporters pressed him on his “strategy”. The 45 minute presser was generally panned by most who tolerated viewing it as a complete disaster. It was an embarrassing display for a World leader, but especially for America. Putin called him “a child”.

The next day he did another Q&A presser in the Philippines that was equally AWFUL. Media referred to him as petulant, child-like, vindictive, psychotic, and again a true embarrassment for America.  The way he said snarled when saying the word “Christian” in the second presser was most disturbing.

muslim brotherhood in WhitehouseOver the years, many people have believed Obama is a muslim or at least sympathetic to muslim ideology. There are several members of the Muslim Brotherhood working on his staff, including Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, his personal handler. While Obama was growing up in Indonesia, he attended the required muslim school studying the koran. In his book, he said the sound of evening prayers was the most beautiful sound in the world.

Many of his comments, since he’s been overseas, have made his muslim sympathies so painfully obvious that it is causing a great deal of concern now that he is not only UN-American but is ANTI-American. His big push to bring thousands of Syrian refugees (who may be infiltrated by ISIS) to America seems to violate his Oath of Office to protect our National Security. Why would a President do this?

Mohammed encouraged his followers to take over countries via immigration (called hijra). Once they grew in numbers, they would take over and instill their beliefs (sharia law). Is that what Obama is assisting in America?

Sean Hannity posted a video compilation of all the times Obama has promoted Islam. It leaves little doubt where his sympathies lie, and it’s NOT Judeo-Christian America!

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Where’s Waldo (Murphy)?

dachshund in leavesLike many dogs, Murphy loves to play in the leaves. He always reminds me of a “where’s Waldo” picture because his coat matches the leaves.

Raccoons are a pain … Part 3

The trail camera worked. I now know the small branch is NOT too small for the raccoon to climb. Need to work on another solution! Did I tell you that …

I WILL WIN!!!!!!!

Raccoons are a pain … Part 2!

In my last post on my challenges with raccoons raiding a particular bird feeder, I noted that I might have to update based on my success or the lack of it. Well, here’s my update … I’m NOT winning!

raccoons trashed feederI put the feeder on a small limb that I “thought” would be too weak for them to climb. I put the feeder what I “thought” would be far enough away from the trunk for them to reach. I hung it high enough that I “thought” would be higher than they could jump.

Well, I “thought” wrong! This is what I found this morning. ⇒

They totally unhooked all the hooks that hold the seed tray, then they ate all the seed.

bird feeder seed tray hooks⇐ This is what the hooks look like when they are in place. If the raccoon pulled on the seed tray, these hooks would merely tighten. The ONLY way they can be removed is with HANDS!

Now you might be thinking “why don’t you just stop using this appealing type of seed?” (It has various nuts, raisins and sunflower seeds.) At this point, it’s the principle. It’s humiliating to be outsmarted by a very cunning animal. THIS IS WAR!
trail camera & spot light

I’m going to spy on them. I bought a small motion-detector light and a hunter’s trail camera. I want to see how these critters are getting to the feeder. I’ll let you know what the camera captures tonight.

Stay tuned ….

By the way, if you go to YouTube and search for “raccoon bird feeder” you’ll find lots of pages of videos showing other people’s trials with the masked raiders. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone.

Raccoons can be a pain in the ………

raccoonThis summer I’ve been receiving visitors at night. I know I’m not alone at not being entirely thrilled to have them. These masked critters can do a lot of damage to homes if they decide to make a den in an attic or under a shed. They also can have a bad attitude. You may also have seen the funny videos of a raccoon entering a pet door to eat the pet’s food.

Since finding my yard, they have broken two plastic bird feeders and a tray to catch seed under a feeder.raccoon bends shepherd's hook I replaced one of the feeders with a wooden one that hung in my backyard on a shepherd’s hook outside my bedroom window. Last Thursday the shepherd’s hook was totally bent to the ground with the feeder and hanging plant on the ground – smashing the plants underneath.

I made a trip to Home Depot to get some fencing to “prevent” them from climbing pole to get to the feeder. I chose chicken wire since they couldn’t climb it. I also got some 4ft rebar and ground stakes to prevent them from going under the fencing. I then decided to use a taller shepherd’s hook that was already in place near my back door.

raccoon fencing

The 50-ish Home Depot salesman kept chuckling at my plans. He suggested I take VP Joe Biden’s advice to get a shotgun. :-)

Last night, a little after 9:00pm, I looked out the door to check on things. The raccoon had bypassed the fence by going up the steps to climb on the hand railing. It was sitting on the rail with one of its hands holding the feeder while the other hand scooped the seed. I banged on the door and it scampered away.gate to block raccoon

Since it was dark, I decided to put up a dog gate to deter it until I could come up with another plan.

This morning I awoke early – while dark – and again looked out the door. I could see the feeder moving. One raccoon was standing between the gate and railing, reaching through the rails to get the seed. A SECOND one was sitting on top of the chicken wire near the railing to get its fill. I opened the door slightly and both scampered, but the one on the porch turned around at the bottom of the steps to stare at me. I’m certain it said, “na-na-na-na-na“.

tree nutty bird seedI put a different type of seed in each of my feeders based on the type of bird I want to attract. This feeder has a mix that appeals to chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, cardinals and bluejays. It contains various tree nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds and raisins. That’s why the raccoons like it so much.

So today, I hung the feeder on a small limb in the pear tree. The limb “should” be too small to climb and the feeder “should” be too far to reach from the trunk. Plus, the height “should” be too high to jump to. I’ll see how it goes. I may have to EDIT this post to add more. :-)Backyard bird feeder

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