Hilliary’s Coronation starts as a circus!

Sunday Hillary Clinton announced she’s running for President. Actually she expects a coronation as she’s “due it”. At this time, the Democrats really don’t have any other contenders.

Hillary’s first week has been a disaster! Rather than making her announcement in a speech, she chose to do a 2 minute video in which she didn’t appear until 1-½ minutes into the video. No policy position. Just that she wants to be a “champion” for middle America. It was a yawner.

Next her logo was released. It too has been a disaster. Twitter had great creative fun turning the HOSPITAL-logo into very funny pics. Here are some of them:

Hillary logos

Hillary logo

Hillary in ChipotleThen she began a cross-country tour to Iowa to meet-&-greet the common folk in her Scooby van. She and her entourage stopped in Maumee, near Toledo, at a Chipotle. She wore sunglasses, didn’t speak to people in the restaurant, nor did anyone recognize her! It seems Ohio might have been an important state to make some personal contacts, but I guess not.

When she arrived in Iowa, she went to a community college to speak with around 20 highly-selected students and teachers. I watched a portion of the sit-down and in typical Hillary fashion, she spoke AT the people not WITH the people. She seems to have a problem looking people straight in the eye when speaking. There were no press questions allowed, so she can avoid having to answer the tough questions that are bound to come.

Hillary failed in 2008. She better make wisers decisions in her organizing skills or she’ll continue to set herself up for the jokesters.

I would like to see a woman President, but Hillary’s not the one. We can’t afford to vote for gender like people did for “skin”. The country is in such a mess that we REALLY need a strong, qualified, experienced person in the Oval Office.

2016 GOP Presidential Candidates – update

This week’s big news was Sen Ted Cruz’s announcement that he is running for President. Immediately liberal’s heads exploded and their furor has continued since with comments made to him that were never asked of Obama. Even so, Cruz raised $2million within 3 days after his announcement.

According to Twitter, the two comments that received the most disgust were from Whoopi Goldberg and Rep Pete King. Whoopi asked if Cruz was commenting from his Cuban half or his white half. She would NEVER have asked that of biracial Obama. Rep King said if Cruz was nominated he would jump off a bridge.

It’s been reported that Sen Marco Rubio and Sen Rand Paul will announce in early-mid April.

Here’s an updated “2016 GOP Presidential Candidates” chart. Think of this as March Madness bracket for politicians. Oh, it’s going to be a fun year!

2016 GOP candidates

Dems Weak for 2016

I’ve written about the many potential candidates for the Republicans. So to be “fair” let’s consider the potential Democratic candidates.

Hillary - what difference does it makeMuch has been made of a Coronation for Hillary with no rivals. That may change as more and more is known of the curious donations to the Clinton Foundation by foreign countries possibly wanting favors from her position at the State Dept. There are also investigations going on regarding her emails being stored in her home rather than on government servers and her deletions of 30,000 of those emails. The Clintons have had many such scandals in their entire past, so she may survive these as well. UPDATE: It’s just been reported that Hillary had her server totally wiped clean of her emails AFTER she received the subpoena, which is illegal.

Elizabeth WarrenThe extreme far left portion of the party want Elizabeth Warren to run. She’s the one that some people call “Fauxchohauntus” because she wrongly claimed to be part Indian due to ‘high cheekbones’. She’s also known for her agreement with Obama that “you didn’t build that … the government did”.

Next we have Uncle Joe, the current VP. With all his gaffes, few take it seriously that Joe will run but his name is being bantered about. He provides many laughs as VP but not sure we want that trait in a POTUS.
Creepy Uncle Joe

Al Gore frozenWhen Hillary began to implode, some people even threw out Al Gore’s name. Remember him … he invented the Internet! He also leaves his mega-$ mansion to fly in one of his planes to tell Americans they need to reduce their carbon footprint to prevent global warming.

The next year should be LOTS of fun!!!!

What’s Happening to Patriotism?

I’m really bothered about an unpatriotic trend against our Flag, Old Glory. The Pledge of Allegiance has already been decimated. This week the UC Irvine campus has a small group of students who want the American Flag removed because it might offend students from other countries. I’ll withhold my thoughts on that!!!!!

Last weekend, the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s march across the Selma bridge was televised. On Twitter, a number of people spotted an important difference to MLK’s march to this year’s march. Two photos were tweeted and retweeted as they quickly spread throughout the Twittersphere.

Here are the two photos. Can you spot what the difference is that riled up Tweeps???

MLK’s Selma March – American Flags

MLK's Selma

Obama’s Selma March – No Flags

Obama's Selma

What a difference 50 years made!

Stop those #!@%&# bogus spam phone calls

Do you get those bogus spam phone calls where no one answers? I used to get a lot of them when I had a Blackberry and a business number. These are the calls with an area code you don’t recognize. When you answer, there is either dead air or it’s a mad womanspammer wanting personal info. With the Blackberry, I was unable to download a call-blocker to hang up on them. So I assigned them a name of ‘Spam’ and eventually I had nearly 100 numbers so identified so I wouldn’t answer when they called.

I now no longer have a business number so it’s only my cell phone. The number of bogus calls has lessened but not stopped. Now that I have an Android phone, I checked into the various call blocker apps. Someone on Twitter had suggested “MR NUMBER“. Since it was free, I downloaded it.

It’s been GREAT! I entered – and continue to enter – the bogus numbers as they call. “MR NUMBER” not only stops the numbers I entered, they also identify known spam numbers and block them. Another feature I like is that I can choose to send the call to voice mail or to simply hang up. I wanted the hang-up feature since I didn’t want voice mail indicating they reached a ‘real’ number. It offers other features as well.

If you have trouble with these spam phone calls, you might want to check out this app.

Does Your Representative Uphold The Constitution?

In the 2014 election, Republican voters sent a loud and clear message to politicians that they weren’t supportive of the Obama administration and that they wanted his unconstitutional actions (executive orders) stopped. The Constitution set up three EQUAL branches: Executive (President), Legislative (Congress) and Judicial (Supreme Court). The President does not have power to “make law”. His power is to execute the laws that Congress makes.

A Federal Judge has put a stay on Obama’s illegal executive order to grant amnesty to illegal aliens plus, give them drivers’ licenses and Social Security numbers. With the SS# they can also file taxes and receive earned income credits. There is also the likelihood that they would vote, even though they’re not citizens.

Obama’s Amnesty Executive Order falls under the authority of the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) to implement. The issue became a hot topic when Congress was deciding on their vote for funding the DHS. The House of Representatives passed a bill to fund all of DHS except the Amnesty portion. The Senate was unable to come to agreement, so Majority Leader Mitch McConnell surrendered and took the amnesty exception out of the bill. It then went back to the House for another vote where yesterday Representatives voted to fund an Un-Constitutional Executive Order.

Conservatives, who believe the Constitution should be upheld and who believe elected officials should abide by their oaths, were outraged!

It’s fairly easy to see if your representative voted for or against the Constitution.

  1. Find your State’s Representatives at the House website
  2. Find your State’s Senators at the Senate website 
  3. Find how your House Representative voted on the DHS funding at Heritage Action

I checked to see how the Representatives from Ohio voted. I wanted to know if they upheld their oath to ‘protect and uphold the Constitution’. A ‘Yes‘ vote means they voted to fund the un-Constitutional Amnesty. A ‘No‘ vote meant they upheld the Constitution. The ‘Cons %’ is a grade that Heritage Action gives to Congress for upholding Conservative Values. The higher the %, the more they support Conservative/Constitutional Values.

These Reps caved & voted to fund an un-Constitutional law …

Name Party Cons %
Speaker John Boehner R
Pat Tiberi R 53%
Michael Turner R 52%
Steve Stivers R 49%
Tim Ryan D 16%
Marcia Fudge D 15%
Marcy Kaptur D 11%

These Reps stood strong & voted to NOT fund an un-Constitutional law …

Name Party Cons %
Jim Jordan R 93%
Steven Chabot R 83%
Brad Wenstrup R 74%
Robert Latta R 67%
Bob Gibbs R 56%
Bill Johnson R 54%
Jim Renacci R 54%
Dave Joyce R 44%

If you don’t like how your Representative votes, write or call them. Too often they forget that they work for US!!!

By the way, on the Senate side, Sen Rob Portman has a score of 63% but Sen Sherrod Brown has a score of only 4%.