What does Barbara Corcoran think of Trump?

This afternoon on CNNs Erin Burnett show Barbara Corcoran was interviewed. Ms Corcoran is a NYC real estate mogul and is on the reality show Shark Tank. She has known Donald Trump for many years thus she offered her thoughts on him as a potential President. The short interview is worth watching (click on above link) and covers a perspective from a fellow competitor in NYC real estate.

Here’s another opinion of Trump by Mark Cuban, another wealthy man and owner of Dallas Mavericks.

I Just Can’t Vote For Trump!

Like millions of Americans – at least the 16 million who have voted against Trump so far – I am deeply troubled by the “possible” options we have for the General Election this fall. The Dems have a Socialist Sanders and a corrupt criminal Clinton with LOTS of baggage. Until the Convention occurs, the GOP has a “presumptive” nominee in Donald Trump. I do not consider any of the three a viable option for President of the U.S.

I used to vote more moderately, but in the last 15 years I’ve become more of a Constitutional Conservative. I judge politicians by how closely they follow The Constitution. I want government to be minimal and only be in charge of the “big stuff” that applies to ALL States, i.e. National issues. Otherwise, I believe the States should decide what happens within the State’s borders considering the wishes of the citizens living within those borders. Mostly I want the government to stay out of my life.

Although Donald Trump has recently become a Republican, he doesn’t share typical Republican ideals and is certainly no Conservative! Several TV pundits have said that Trump now is running to the left of Hillary. Trump & ClintonsHe has changed his stance (flip-flopped) on several issues, so it’s difficult to say what his positions are on any given day. When he entered the race last year, I was intrigued and cautiously thought he might be OK to “shake things up”. Still, I preferred another candidate as my first choice. But my preferred candidate dropped out so I remained uncommitted for several months. I listened to all the debates. I watched pertinent interviews. I checked their websites for policy opinions.

The more I saw of Donald Trump the less I liked him. He acted – and spoke – like a 10-year-old schoolyard bully, hurling personal insults toward numerous people, even insulting their physical appearance.trump mocking desabled reporter His tweets are extremely juvenile. Challenging competitors on their policy positions is fair game, but silly personal insults is just nasty and NOT presidential. In the debates and his interviews he avoided truly answering policy questions with anything even close to cohesive substance. He makes statements then denies he ever said the statement, even when he’s shown video of him making the statement. AND he lies and lies and lies!

Some Doctors have come out to say he’s mentally unfit for the Presidency, citing various disorders. His father died with Alzheimer’s so some have speculated he may be showing early signs of this disease, especially his failure to recall something he said the day before plus his erratic temperament. Do we want him near the nuclear button??

He’s already given us pause as to how he will “change” the First Amendment. He said he plans to change it so he can sue the press for libel when they write a negative article on him. Just this week he took that even further with an attack on Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and the Washington Post. Please read this article on his planned action toward Bezos. Consider how upset we were when we learned Obama targeted people by using the IRS. This article shows the Trump would “rule” as an Authoritarian. Note, that he sometimes uses the term ‘rule’ and ‘reign’.

Trump’s polling among women, blacks and Hispanics is terrible. The New York Times recently published a thorough article documenting his past treatment to women. TDonald & Ivanka Trumphat article along with his comments about his two daughters and statements about Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina are thoroughly disgusting. The label of misogynist seems accurate. Trump & daughter! ⇒⇒

I can’t support Donald Trump for President. There is nothing about his character, morals, temperament or knowledge that illustrates to me he would be a wise choice. I believe he would be a very dangerous person on the world stage. He shoots from the hip – like saying South Korea and Japan should protect themselves with nukes – then walks it back the next day. Economists have said his economic plan would put us into recession due to the tariffs and isolationism. I find him quite unstable and very scary!

I’m hoping for a contested Convention or a 3rd Party candidate. If Trump becomes the nominee, I’ll write-in Ted Cruz.

Indiana voters give America a death knell

Thanks to 500,000 Hoosiers, this con man is the presumptive nominee for the GOP party. This video shows Donald Trump’s inconsistencies of what he says now versus what he’s said in the past. As we often ask “Who is the REAL Trump?”

Conservatives who believe in the Constitution, morals, religious freedom, principles, decency, and rule of law were saddened by Ted Cruz’s decision to drop out. People complained in 2008 and 2012 for the nominees being MODERATES. Now there is a nominee who has views that are far left of Hillary Clinton. WHAT HAPPENED!

Trump has conveniently avoided answering interviewer’s questions on the substance of his plans. He diverts to talking about polls or how many buildings he has or how rich he is. Most reporters avoid follow-up questions as to HOW he will do what he says he will do. One gets the impression he plans to rule as an autocrat since “per the Constitution” much of what he says he’ll do requires actions of Congress. To do many of his plans require approval to his considerable spending. Some economic experts have said his spending, tax and tariff plans will send America into a recession. Of course, we still wonder about the phone call Trump and Bill Clinton had before he announced he was running. Was it an agreement to siphon away votes so Hillary could win in the General Election?

The media, Fox News in particular, have not held his feet to the fire to delve into his inconsistencies. Sean Hannity even helps Donald answer the questions or finishes Donald’s sentences to make sure Donald answers correctly. Trump is never asked the tough questions that other candidates were asked.

A year ago, we were excited at having such a strong candidate bench. We had several successful Governors plus Senators. Due to Trump’s trash talk, one by one they fell to the wayside. The debates were a joke as little policy was discussed. Instead they talked about the size of Trump’s body parts. The race began to be called a “clown show” and indeed it was.

Last night on Twitter, the #NeverTrump crowd was even more vocal. Most are saying they’ll write-in another person rather than compromise their principles. Some believe Hillary would be less a disaster than Trump, especially on foreign affairs. Others say they simply won’t vote which really hurts the down ticket and could cause us to lose majorities in the Senate and House.

Unless some miracle happens we may need to practice saying “Madam President”!

Scotland is in the #NeverTrump camp

You may have heard about Donald Trump’s golf course in Scotland. It appears the Scots are not very happy with his failure to keep his promises. Sound familiar?? This video is an interview with the former Finance Minister as well as the locals being affected by Trump’s mafia-style tactics. Worth a listen if you’re debating who to vote for. As you watch, consider the promises Trump makes to the Scots and the threats he makes to the one farmer. Very similar to what he’s saying on the campaign trail and his whining about the delegate “rigging”.

Hillary has a long history – if you didn’t already know

If you were an adult during the 90’s you already know the Clinton scandalous history. If you weren’t an adult then you need to get up to speed on the Democrat front runner. Working the system below board has been a life-long habit of the Clintons. We’ve never had a Presidential candidate that’s currently undergoing FBI investigation. If you include Donald Trump’s upcoming fraud trial, we may have two “criminals” running for president this year.

When I watched this video, it took me back to the Clinton 90’s and reminded me of things I had forgotten. I don’t want to relive those years with 4-years of Hillary as POTUS.

Battling against Time Warner

Cable companies have long been among the “most hated” industries. Based on my experience, I think I know at least one of the reasons for that negative view. My complaint is the ongoing price increases from Time Warner Cable. I have 2 TVs – one is HD, one is analog. When I first joined the cable crowd in late 2012 I got the Starter TV channels, the Standard TV channels, the Preferred TV channels and 2 HD Set-Top boxes. The price was $78.82/mo. Here’s the sequence of price increases I’ve had since:

  • Jan 2013 – $78.82
  • Dec 2013 – $89.22
  • Jun 2014 – $91.05 (I added internet)
  • May 2015 – $113.89
  • Mar 2016 – $122.59
  • Apr 2016 – $138.04

So for 2016 ALONE, I’ve had a 21% increase!!! The TV channels portion of the bill increased $20, 25%. The box price increased 50¢, 4%. The modem increased from $5.99 to $10 – a 67% increase. The broadcast TV/Sports surcharge increased by $3.25, a 59% increase.

By this time, I had had enough! I reviewed the Preferred TV channels to see how many I actually watch. There were only two: NatGeoWild and Smithsonian. So I called TWC to remove the Preferred TV cost. The rep said I could cut the cost of the boxes by using a “Digital Adapter” if I didn’t use OnDemand or StartOver. I don’t use either of those features so I decided to save the $17! I received the two adapters the next day!TWC Digital Adapter

Upon installing the little adapters the instructions said to call TWC for activation. While on the phone with the Rep, he mentioned I could also save money by purchasing my own modem via Amazon. So off to Amazon website I went. They have the exact modem for $48.49! Since TWCs new charge for their modem is $10/mo, I will have MY modem paid for after 5 months! My future bill “should” be $110 – until TWC takes the price up again.modem - router set up

Last year I bought a router to attach to the modem. This allows me to have wifi for my cell phone so I avoid exceeding the ‘data’ portion of Verizon phone bill. It’s not easy but I’m determined to win – or at least minimize – this “war” with the technology companies.

One last warning for TWC – Wowway is now preparing to come into my neighborhood. I’m sure they’ll offer promos for signing up. It would be stupid to think that their promos won’t end and they’ll also have consistent price increases as well.