In Ohio, 1 in 16 people are licensed to carry a handgun!

Buckeye Firearms Association just reported on the Ohio Attorney General’s release of Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL) issued for the 2nd Qtr.


  • The 2nd Qtr showed a 65% increase over prior year.
  • There are 550,000 valid Ohio CHL’s.
  • Sheriffs issued almost 20 CHLs per hour.
  • Sheriffs issued over 650 CHLs per week.
  • If in a group of 16 people, odds are that 1 person has a CHL.
Concealed Handgun Carry Chart for Ohio

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As the Buckeye Firearms article indicates, Sheriffs have been swamped with requests. The process to get a CHL is to take an 8-hour training/shooting class from an accredited instructor. (I took my training at Blackwing Shooting Center.) Once you have the certificate, you schedule an appointment with your local sheriff or the sheriff of a contingent county. You complete a background questionnaire, have an ID photo taken and are fingerprinted. The sheriff sends all the info for main processing in Columbus/Cincinnati where a thorough FBI background check is conducted. Once completed, they send your license to you which is similar in appearance to a driver’s license with your photo. It was about 7 weeks from the time I took the class until I received the license, but the Christmas/New Year holidays were in the middle so that likely added time.

Today it was announced there is a Bill to be presented that would alter the number of gun-free zones. Read about the proposed bill here.

Remember how the East Coast media freaked out when they learned Ohio was an open-carry State and they were afraid of “mass shootings” during the Republican Convention? Then nothing happened!:-)

What’s with Hillary’s health?

It’s no secret that Americans are really unhappy with the two candidates running for President. Both have extremely high unfavorables. Good or bad, Twitter provides “news” that often isn’t covered by the mainstream media. The past few days much of the Twitter focus was on Hillary’s health. We all remember her fall a few years ago which resulted in a blood clot and the need to wear the special thick glasses. More recently her debilitating coughing fits during speeches has been questioned. People and Doctors began to question what was wrong with her. Was it due to her hypothyroidism? Is the blood clot causing seizures? Has she had mini-strokes that cause her to be unsteady?

Here’s a recent photo showing Hillary needing assistance going up the stairs.
Hillary needs help with stairs

Then there is the photo of a man (right side below & left of HRC above) who seems to be always close by. He was thought to be Secret Service, but that’s been debunked and he’s believed to be some type of medic. The discussion about this photo is the object in his left hand. Enlarged photos indicate it is some type of medical injector.

During one of her rallies, a group of protestors caused a strange reaction from Hillary. Watch her eyes as she seems to go into a trance (some say seizure reaction to sudden stress). The medic guy tells her “it’s OK”, rubs her back to soothe her (bring her back?), tells her to keep talking then shoos away the Secret Service guys. It was an odd sequence. (UPDATE: It was noted today, 8/16, that the medic handler has not been seen with Hillary since the brouhaha around this event.)

This photo shows three aides assisting Hillary as she speaks to an outside crowd. The dark-suited man supports her with both hands. More hidden is a blond gal behind Hillary with the gal’s left hand under Hillary’s left elbow. The tan-suited guy is preparing to assist her, but harder to see is the black bag on his left side under his jacket. He also has a medi-pen in his left hand.

Hillary Supported by 3 Aides

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While all of these questionable instances would not be a concern individually, when considered together along with other strange actions it seems to be reason for concern. We need to learn the truth about Hillary’s medical exam, and we need the truth about Trump’s psycho exam.

Trump Is Mentally Unstable!

OK, I’m one of the millions of Americans who does not like either candidate. This is more than just holding my nose to vote for the lesser of evils. Both Clinton AND Trump are unacceptable! I’m old enough to have lived through ALL the Clinton scandals and I’ve have no respect or trust in the “Clinton Machine”.

A year ago, I actually thought Trump, as a businessman, would be refreshing alternative to the typical politician. But then he kept opening his mouth … and opening his mouth … and saying things that were not just politically incorrect but insane! People and doctors began to say he has mental problems – narcissist, pathological liar, and even the “Dark Triad“. I suggest you click the link to read what Dark Triad is as it seems to fit Trump.

While nobody likes criticism, Trump becomes extremely vindictive against any and all criticism. He has said he wants to change the First Amendment to allow lawsuits against the media/press when “they tell lies” about him – something akin to 3rd World dictators. He blocks certain reporters from attending his events if they have reported what he feels are lies against him. While certain media are totally biased against/for certain issues or people, they still have the 1st Amendment that says they have the Right to Free Speech. Obama has restricted the press to some degree, but Trump would be Obama on steroids.

Trump harshly bashed his competitors during the Primaries – and he took them out. After he received the nomination, he continued to bash Ted Cruz during a presser that was supposed to be an event to thank the people who worked hard during the RNC Convention. Just yesterday he ran an ad against Bernie Sanders, on the day Hillary was nominated! Why bash people that are no longer competitors? Because they said “bad things” against him. He can’t “move on”.

The clip below is from a portion of his speech yesterday in Iowa and it is particularly troubling. He’s bashing the DNC Convention speakers who spoke against him. This was no different than what speakers did against Hillary at the RNC Convention. It’s politics. Candidates may not like it, but they must have thick enough skin to take it or they shouldn’t be in politics! It’s not just WHAT he says but his body language and eyes are especially scary. He’s unhinged!

Canadian Geese Shop in Powell

We frequently see groups of Canadian Geese milling around neighborhood ponds or golf courses. Sometimes they stop traffic as they decide to cross a street, seemingly unaware of the potential to become roadkill. Yesterday I saw a group – gaggle? – of 25 geese at an unlikely place. They were leaving the Chase Bank parking lot, walking toward the construction on Powell Rd. There’s no water nearby as it is all parking lots and stores. Being geese, I wondered if they left “deposits” at the bank.:-)

Canadian Geese in Powell

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Count me in on the #BlueLivesMatter crowd. Our law enforcement officers have a tough job. They never know when they might die from the most innocent of calls. Their pay is low and some people give them little respect. Disgustingly, Don Lemon of CNN said he didn’t understand why he was expected to say “Sir” when speaking to officers. He’s a symptom of the problem.

This week two officers were videoed having to shoot law breakers. Naturally, the media and groups blamed the cops. Info has since been revealed that showed the shootings justified. The Baton Rouge guy had a rap sheet as long as your arm going back to the late 90’s. He had previously been charged with resisting arrest, was a sex offender, failed to register as a sex offender twice, charged with illegal possession of a gun, etc. He had a gun in his pocket, which could have been used to shoot the officers. (you can shoot a gun while it’s in your pocket – see video ) The guy in Minneapolis was stopped because he matched the description of a convenience store robber, not because of a broken tail light as his girlfriend said. He had a gun but the Sheriff checked and he does not have a Concealed Carry License as his girlfriend said.

Even though these stories have proven to not fit the narrative of Obama, Loretta Lynch and the liberals, they didn’t bother to learn the facts before stirring up trouble. Because of that 5 Dallas police officers lost their lives and 7 others were injured.

Over the years I’ve had very little interaction with the police. I’ve had some car accidents – none my fault – and a few speeding tickets – my fault. I’ve always found them to be professional and/or caring in the case of the accidents. It had been many years since I’ve had a speeding ticket but I got one last December. (whoops!) In this stop I noticed a major change in the officer’s actions.

I was on my way to the shooting range to take my 8-hour Concealed Carry class so I had my gun and ammo in the Jeep but separated as we’re supposed to do when we don’t have a CCL. I quickly got my driver’s license out to have it ready. I watched the officer approach my car via my side mirror. He had his right hand on his holstered gun. I thought how sad that he must do that, even though I’m an “over 70” grandma and it’s 9:30 in the morning. No matter, he can’t take a chance because his life depends on it. Before he said a word, I told him where I was going and the details about where the gun/ammo were so he would know I wasn’t a threat. That’s what we’re supposed to do.

While I didn’t like getting a ticket right before Christmas, it was my fault. I mostly felt bad that officers must assume that everybody they interact with may cause them harm. How would you like to have a job where you were in constant danger just by doing your job! It’s really sad what we’ve become.

Americans Still Exercising 2nd Amendment Rights

I’ve updated the NCIS Background Checks charts for June 2016 (see far right side bar). The National Checks are up 32% YTD, while Ohio is up 35% YTD.

As I was reviewing the YTD numbers for other states, I noticed some rather interesting results:

  • For Midwest states: Ohio’s YTD total is 442,360. Michigan’s YTD total is 303,537. But Indiana’s YTD total is 945,071! Those “quiet” Hoosiers are getting armed.
  • California is a well-known anti-gun state with even greater restrictions just signed by Gov Brown. Even so, there were 1,147,934 checks done so far this year. By comparison, Texas only has had 859,659.
  • The real surprise was Kentucky. 1,878,787 background checks have been done so far this year!

It should be noted that Background Checks are done when a person buys a gun but, depending on state laws, also when they apply for a concealed carry permit.

It’s been said that Obama has been the best gun salesman EVER! It appears he’s still doing a good job.