Sargent Murphy is ready to take on the bad guys!

Copyrighted Sgt MurphyThe Jan. 28 This Week Community Newspaper reported that the city of Delaware is going to re-establish a canine unit. The city has been without such a crime-fighting unit for ten years. Instead, they’ve relied on assistance from the county Sheriff‘s canine unit.

The dog and the handler will work on illegal drug searches and assist with other police work. March is the expected date when the dog will be selected, then it will spend some time with the policeman to make sure the two are compatible. If all goes well, then there will be six weeks of training. So, come May, the bad guys had better watch out. There will be a new K-9 cop on duty!

Naturally, when tough-guy Murph heard about this addition to the police force, he asked if he could volunteer. He’s already the neighborhood guard dog along with the Yorkie that lives nearby. He watched a local news program that mentioned a little Jack Russell that is very good at drug sniffing. So he feels that if a hyper (boing! – boing!) Jack Russell can be a volunteer then there might be a place for a tenacious wiener as well. He noted that he can run very, very fast, can bark REALLY loud, and can tear a mean hole in the perps socks!

Plus, he’s got a GREAT name for a ‘man’ in blue!

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