Little green borer … get off my ASH!

Copyrighted ash street treesThe original developer of my neighborhood stipulated that the builders had to plant a certain number of street trees per every foot of frontage of the home’s lot. Street trees are those that are planted between the sidewalk and the street. Generally, that little piece of land belongs to the city, including the trees.

The trees that were planted on my street are all ASH trees, and they’re now about 12 years old and as you can see in the photo, are looking very nice. Ash trees are known to be a great shade tree, so many have been planted in people’s yards as well.

As we’re all too aware, there’s a tiny green insect, called the Emerald Ash Borer, that has destroyed thousands of trees in Michigan and in the past 3 years has moved into Ohio.

Yes, it’s that darn “state up north” again! GO BUCKS!

Two years ago, an infected tree was found within a mile of my street. At that time, Ohio had a policy to cut down ALL ash trees within a half mile radius of the infected tree. So the State cut all the ash trees up to the end of our street.

We breathed a sigh of relief but knew we weren’t “out of the woods” yet. (sorry for that pun!)

We’re all so afraid we’re going to lose our beautiful street trees – it’s probably just a matter of time. Each time we see a city Parks & Recreation truck we look out the windows to see if they’re going to tie the dreaded orange plastic ribbon on a tree signifying the tree is destined for destruction.

Did you know that YOU can help my neighbors and me keep our beautiful trees?

If you plan to visit any central Ohio campgrounds, please don’t bring your own firewood! Your firewood might contain the larvae or the borer.

I just know you would feel very bad to know you took away our pretty shade trees! 

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