The Gov’t is still searching Sgt Murphy

In January I wrote a post about the City of Delaware (Ohio) obtaining a new member to their K-9 unit. At the end of the article I mentioned that The Murph thought he could qualify for this job. It was written in fun, AND it mentioned Sgt Murphy.

Well, with the stat counters I have installed to track visitors’ traffic, I can monitor the search terms people used prior to visiting my sites. Sometimes I can see the name of the corporation for the people who visit. It has been so-o-o funny to see who is searching for “Sgt Murphy”. One of those has been the FBI in Washington, DC. Yesterday it was the Dept of Homeland Security.

Now, I’ve no idea who the REAL Sgt Murphy is, but I’ll bet those folks are surprised when they land on a page showing him as a little wiener dog.

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