Hayden Run Falls near Dublin Ohio – a nice respite

I’ve lived in central Ohio most of my life, but since I began blogging last fall, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the area as I try to look for photo-ops for my blogs. There’s one local area that I’ve heard about – read about – driven by lots of times – but have never explored. It’s called Hayden Run Falls and it’s located just west of the Scioto River, off Hayden Run Rd.

On my way back to office after dropping off flyers to my client, I decided to take advantage of the wonderful summer day and explore what the Falls area looked like. There were several cars in the parking lot, and even though I wasn’t dressed for hiking, I decided to check it out.

A large wooden staircase descends into the gorge. On the way down, I saw the first of the rock outcroppings that line the gorge. At the bottom of the stairs, one gets a view of the Scioto River to the left, with the beginning of the trail to the right. Fortunately, the weather has been very dry so navigating the small stream was not a problem. I assume that during the rainy season, the water level would be greater and require different shoes than I had on.

A couple kayakers were lolling nearby on the River. Traffic on Hayden Run Rd zoomed overhead but was hardly audible. In the distance, I could hear children’s voices so I assumed they were at the falls so I headed in that direction. I met a young woman with her dog walking back out of the trail. I made a mental note that here was a place I might bring The Murph since the water depth was more his size, rather than the larger waves at the Alum Creek Dog Park.

The actual falls and the pool beneath them was very peaceful. The hubbub of the city is totally obscured. The falls descend 35-feet from the level above. Homes back up to this area but aren’t visible. I’ve occasionally read that people have fallen from the top, and that the rescuers have difficulty getting their equipment to them for rescue. I expect that the area is especially beautiful in the frozen winter, making the ground above even more treacherous.

If you would like a nearby get-away from city life, I suggest you spend 30-40 minutes or longer down in the gorge. It will refresh you. View the photos on this video to get inspired to visit.

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