Alum Creek Reservoir, in Delaware County, offers entertainment for the “whole” family

Copyrighted Alum Creek beach There’s nothing that beats the summer’s heat better than being on, in or near water.

On a recent warm evening, The Murph and I were driving by Alum Creek Reservoir in the Lewis Center area and decided to cruise through some of roadways that access the actual water.

Boaters were enjoying their time ON the water in their speedboats, sailboats or jet skis. The beach area was very busy with many families enjoying their play time in the water or cooking their favorite barbeque at the picnic tables nearby.The Murph’s nose was working overtime picking up all the yummy BBQ odors.

Those wanting a slower pace were sitting along the banks of the numerous inlets with their fishing poles in the water. Perhaps, if they’re lucky, they’ll soon be cooking the results of their efforts. Judging by their laughter, I assume that actually catching any fish is secondary to the good conversation they’re having with friends or new acquaintances.

Since it was a weekend night, one of the campgrounds we drove by was a flurry of activity with many tents set-up and folks getting ready for their Copyrighted Alum Creek Dog Parkevening activities. The aroma from cooking hamburgers and steaks again put The Murph’s nose in high gear.

As a final treat for The Murph, I drove by the fairly new Dog Park that the State created for the 4-legged members of the family. There are two large fenced areas – one for big dogs – one for the little guys. As long as they’re sociable, the dogs can run free to meet and greet others and sniff the ground to evaluate all the previous visitors.

Copyrighted Alum Creek Dog Park beachA third fenced area provides access to a special beach where they can bone-up on their dog-paddling skills or fetch a stick thrown by their human. Since the waves were higher than The Murph is tall, he watched the activities from the sidelines.

Nothing smells worse than a wet dog, so a local rescue group was offering free baths for the ride home. Why is swimming fun but baths aren’t?Copyrighted dog bath

After an hour or so of sniffing food, barking at people, jumping in his car seat, running with other dogs, The Murph fell asleep on the way home.

I suspect there will be other visitors to Alum Creek that evening that will do the same on their trips home.

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