Sgt Murphy didn’t get the job … Bummer!

Copyrighted Sgt MurphyIn January I wrote about the city of Delaware approving the expenses to “hire” a new K-9 cop. The Murph was hoping to apply for the job.

Well, the new K-9 cop is on duty. He’s a 15-month old German shepherd, named Argo.

Per a recent ThisWeek News article it was reported that Argo is still learning the ropes in following his commands consistently. For instance, Lee Yoakum, community affairs coordinator, volunteered to be the “bad guy” in a public demonstration. It seems Argo didn’t immediately “release” the bad guy on the first command. Oh Whoops!

Several local groups have donated money for Argo’s care, but the donation that I thought was the best was from the Masonic Lodge which provided the funds for body armor. Since the bad guys might be more afraid of the dog than the cop, they might be more likely to try to shoot the dog. So, I’m glad to see that Argo will be protected.

While The Murph is really disappointed that he wasn’t considered for the job, I’m sure he’ll get over it. After all, he already has a full-time job protecting our home and the WEENR mobile.

However, he STILL thinks he has a better name for a cop. How many cops do you know named ARGO!

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