Dublin, Ohio – a unique suburb with some interesting “sites”

Copyrighted downtown Dublin shopsDublin is a popular suburb in northwest Franklin county, serviced by the Dublin School District. The downtown consists of old-design buildings as shown in the left photo. Copyrighted Dublin downtown

Recently, a portion of the downtown was renovated with new buildings added to match the design of the original portion of the downtown. (right photo)

Copyrighted Dublin restaurantThere are some restaurants along the main road in the downtown area that offer sidewalk cafe style dining in nice weather.

At the southern part of the city in the midst of a large corporate park, is Field of corna Corn sculpture. The “ears” are 8-10ft high molds of concrete. It’s very striking and a must-see on any visitor’s tour, just for the curiosity factor.

Another interesting monument is north along Riverside Dr in a city park. This stone monument is to honor a tribal chief known as Chief Leatherlips. When the Muirfield development began back in the 70’s, the Chief’s Copyrighted leatherlips monumentburial grounds had to be moved. A very small plaque was installed on the east side of Riverside Dr. Well, after years of inclement weather during the Memorial Tournament, talk began that it was the Chief’s revenge for Jack Nicklaus moving the Chief’s burial spot. So once again the Chief was moved, but this time a much larger monument was built, and this one overlooks the Scioto River … facing west toward Muirfield. Apparently, the Chief still hasn’t been appeased, as Tournament week weather is still very iffy.Copyrighted Dublin cell tower

In the same park where the Chief “resides”, there is another strange site … really best viewed during the winter. In the center of the photo to the right is an “oddly” shaped tree. That is really a camouflaged cell tower to blend in with the trees along the Scioto River.

Now, in spite of the “oddities” mentioned above, Dublin really is a great little city … really … really it is!

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