Muirfield Village in Dublin Ohio – the city that Jack built.

I confess! Muirfield Village is one of my favorite communities. First and foremost is that it is a controlled community – no worry about a big box store or yet another pharmacy going in on the corner. Plus, the deed restrictions are pretty strict on what can and cannot be done. This has protected the integrity of the huge development for 30-years.

Muirfield Village began as a dream of Jack Nicklaus, our local celebrity golfer. He grew up in Upper Arlington – home of the Golden Bears – hence, Jack’s nickname. He then attended OSU and the rest is history.

In the 70’s, Jack began development of land northwest of the heart of Dublin. At the time, there was much excitement about the pending community and golf courses. Some of our friends purchased lots intending to eventually build homes.

Just south of the entrance to the Village is a statue of Jack coaching a child on the “fine art” of swinging a golf club. I’ve tried for a few months to capture a photo of the statue as it’s in the median of the busy Muirfield Dr. Finally, one afternoon there were no cars in site, (a rarity) so I was able stop my car and take the photo.

The center of the Village is the Tournament golf course – Jack’s pride and joy. The Memorial Tournament is on the PGA Tour, and receives national TV exposure. The well-manicured course and the attached clubhouse are off-limits behind gates except for a chosen few. (A real estate agent driving a WEENR mobile is NOT one of the chosen few, so no photos are included in the slideshow below.)

There is another course called The Club at Muirfield Village that residents can join. The Club also offers fitness, pool, tennis and dining facilities. One must be a member to play, but others can play if invited by a member. I was fortunate to play the course a number of years ago thanks to the corporation I worked for at that time. Thank goodness it was a scramble so we didn’t really track our own score. My clubs haven’t been out of the basement for years, so I would never attempt it now.

There is a very wide variety of single-family home styles in The Village, so whether a buyer wants a traditional or an open floorplan, they are likley to find a home to suit them. There are also quite a few sections with patio homes (large homes, small yards) as well as numerous condo communities.

Naturally, prices increase according to their location if they back up to a fairway on one of the two golf courses. Generally, prices range from the high $200’s (condos) to well over $1 million for homes on the Tournament course. During Tournament week, many of the homes along the tournament course rent their homes out to players or corporations. The owners then stay in a hotel for the week.

The main north-south boulevard is Muirfield Dr.  Don’t speed on this road as the Dublin police monitor it closely and they are hard to see when they park next to one of the neighborhood signs. (no, I’ve not gotten a ticket!) The key east-west street is Memorial Dr. The entire Village is quite large being bounded by Brand Rd to the south, Dublin Rd to the east, Avery Rd to the west, and Glick Rd to the north. There is a small part of the Village that exists north of Glick as well. Most of the Village resides within Franklin County but some parts are in Delaware County.

If you think you would enjoy living in Muirfield and would like assistance finding a home there, give me a call.

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