Warning! Vicious Granny will be on the loose!

karateThe Columbus Board of Realtors® is offering a Safety Seminar & Self-Defense course for members. I signed up, so this will give the bad guys fair warning that after next week, I’ll be prepared to take you on.

Each year the Board offers this course, because unfortunately, being a Realtor® can be a dangerous job. Across the nation, agents get assaulted, raped, robbed, and even murdered. Women are most likely to be victimized but men are not immune either.

We sit alone in open houses. We load people we barely know into our cars to view empty homes. We carry valuable techie devices with us most of the time. We don’t work “regular” hours and many only visit the office a couple days a week, so we’re not missed. And we must weigh “going with our gut feeling” versus possibly being fined for descriminating.

We routinely receive updates via our MLS alert system of criminal activity, or potential activity, that other agents have reported during open houses or while showing homes to suspect buyers. Usually they provide us with a description of the perps or their vehicle.

I’ve attended the classes before where we are instructed on what or what not to do to avoid becoming a victim or what weapons are best to use. Next week’s class will be such a class. Then after lunch we’ll have “hands-on” training – practice of hitting, kicking, and WHERE to hit and kick. This should be the fun part. It will be taught by a trainer from the Sheriff’s Office.

Remember, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog! (OK, think of The Murph’s tenacity rather than Vick’s disgusting behavior).

I can be one tough lady … just ask my kids! I’m an expert at taking on car salesmen or mechanics! 😉

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