Vicious Granny – Part 2

safety trainingA few days ago I mentioned that I was taking a safety course for real estate agents. Well, today was the day and boy was it a good course.

The all-day course was taught by a trainer who teaches cops and also works as a deputy Sheriff.

The morning was essentially a lecture, but we were free to ask questions throughout. We learned how to avoid being victims, what items we normally carry that can be turned into “weapons” and how to use them effectively. We even learned how one of these “weapons” could become lethal, if the danger warranted. 

safety trainingAfter lunch we got to the “fun stuff”!  The 40-some agents divided up into groups of 5. Then using special pads we were able to practice our attacks on fellow agents. Actually being able to try and test our new knowledge gave us confidence that no matter our size or physical strength, we can fight back … if only enough to get us free so we can escape.

Early in the demonstration, the instructor demonstrated a hold on me. Since I had taken a similar course a couple years ago, I was able to escape his hold … to his surprise … as I wasn’t supposed to do that. That’s the importance of practice so it becomes instinctive.

Wanna hear me yell??   HI-YA-A-A-A!!!!!!!!

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