Here’s a great little Italian restaurant in Columbus

In another post I noted that my usual dining experience is take-out or fast food. While I certainly don’t intend to turn this blog into a “restaurant review”, I may occasionally mention places I like. Keep in mind that I am certainly not a connoisseur… I generally like ALL food which is another problem I have. 😉

Yesterday some clients took me to a great Italian restaurant after signing closing papers. I don’t especially care for the thick, tomato pasty type of sauce, preferring instead a “lighter” sauce. This restaurant uses the type of sauce that I like – tasty but not overpowering.

The restaurant is Moretti’s on Sawmill Rd, opposite the Home Depot, just north of Don Scott airport. It’s in a small strip center that is easy to drive by but never really see.

I loved the salad and the dressing. We decided it must be a form of balsamic vinegar – really good! All the pasta is homemade. The entree prices range from $15-24. However, consider asking to split an entree since the portions are HUGE! My clients split a veal Parmesan and even when split, their portions were quite large. The veal was “real meat” not a processed patty, and it looked to be crispy on the outside. I ordered the ravioli appetizer and had to ask for a doggy bag to bring half of it home. I’ll bet their lasagne is great.

They do offer take-out so this place will definitely be on my list when I’m in the mood for a really good salad with a little loaf of bread. Yum-m-m.


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