I spoil The Murph … but giving him his own cell phone????

Copyrighted Murphy with bluetoothA new pet product is reported to be due out in mid-2008. It’s a CELL PHONE for dogs!

Can you believe it!

It will attach to the dog’s collar and cost around $400 plus a service fee. It features a GPS system and is waterproof.

There will be a “call owner” button and “call center” button. The GPS system can help locate a lost dog. The phone can also be programmed to call the owner if the dog strays a certain distance from home.

Now get this … the owner can also call the dog to talk to the dog … AND the phone can be programmed to only accept calls from YOUR number. That’s to avoid the dog receiving wrong number calls or calls from telemarketers.

I want to be a fly on the wall the first time a call comes in for the dog … to watch his head spin trying to figure out where “that voice” is coming from.

This could really mess with their little minds! Tee-hee!

Wonder how many minutes The Murph will use and if they have a ROLLOVER plan?

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