Fall chores on a Sunday… Where’s The Murph?

Copyrighted fall leavesI took much of today off because I needed to rake leaves, otherwise my lawn would be smothered.

When I moved into my home 10 years ago, my builder-provided maple sapling wasn’t much taller than I was. I and my neighbors could hardly wait until our trees grew.

Well, the trees have grown and now we’ve got our work cut out for us. My ash tree has already lost all its leaves. The maple tree has only dropped half its leaves. Two nearby trees are still holding theirs for a few more days.

It seems as though I will need to allow for another day off in the next week or two when this maple decides to let go of its pretty red bounty. 

Copyrighted Murphy in leavesHere’s my version of “Where’s Waldo”. The Murph always has fun during the leaf raking day. He likes to lay in the pile and of course, bark at kids and other dogs that go by. If it weren’t for his little red harness making him easier to spot, he might get bagged up with the leaves!

This would be a good photo to turn into a challenging puzzle.

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