Unwitting victims of home foreclosures

Copyrighted bichonLast night’s TV news reported that the high foreclosure rate in the central Ohio area has resulted in additional victims – the 4-legged kind.

The Capital Area Humane Society said during their interview that abandonments have increased by people who have vacated their foreclosed home. People in financial difficulty often lose the means to care for pets and may release the pet to the local shelter.

However, there has a been a rash of people walking away from their foreclosed homes and LEAVING THE PET BEHIND IN THE HOME TO STARVE AND DIE!

The report showed a dog confined to a bedroom that was extremely skinny but still alive. Another German Shepherd puppy left in a crate in the garage did not fare so well – it died.

If you know of such homes where the owners pick up and leave, AND if they had a pet while they lived there, PLEASE check to see if the pet was left behind. If you hear a dog barking, please call your local humane society for assistance.

This story made me sick when I heard it. I can’t fathom how people could do such a thing to a poor helpless animal. You can help by alerting your friends to the situation, and ask them to also keep alert that a helpless pet may need your assistance before it starves and dies.

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