Water Towers seem to be taking on a whole new look!

Copyrighted Summitview towerI’ve noticed that there’s a new trend in decorating water towers. Previously, they were painted blue-cream or blue-gray stripes to “blend” in with the sky … sort of.

The one on the left is on the south edge of Powell area.

Copyrighted - twin towersThe two on the right are along I-270 between the Sawmill Rd exit and Rt 315 exit in Worthington. These towers have become a landmark of sorts. Whenever there is a fender bender on I-270, the reporters will say “near the twin towers” and everyone knows where the accident is.

Copyrighted - Delaware towerThen the City of Delaware installed a new tower near Rt 23 and Cheshire Rd. Gone were the stripes and in their place was “landscaping” with a monster billboard at the top (notice the homes to the right side at the bottom). The painting at the top seems to resemble the downtown city buildings along with a pacer horse to reflect the Little Brown Jug race that is held in September in Delaware.

Copyrighted Dublin water towerThere is another one outside Dublin, on the way to Plain City, that is decorated similar to the Delaware tower, but more muted. This tower has the green landscaping at the bottom but with various sports figures above the green. The sports figures represent the tower’s proximity to the big sports complex nearby, called Sports Ohio. At the very top are green shamrocks, representing Dublin’s Irish theme.

So how do you feel about this change in the way water towers are being decorated? Is it a nifty way for the suburbs to promote their city? Is it an improvement over bland stripes?

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