Finding the beauty of snow in central Ohio …

Copyrighted-snow on ornamental grassIt’s weekends like we’re having this weekend that I’m glad I have a home office and don’t have to make a trek out on the roads. My Cherokee (aka the WEENR-mobile) doesn’t have a problem in the 6″ of snow that Delaware County has received so far, but I’m not so confident with others on the road around me.

Staying home allows me the opportunity to see the “beauty” of the snow. I always find it amazing how the tiny flakes are able to stick together on the smallest twig to transform it into a piece of artwork. Copyrighted-SnowEvergreens

The row of evergreens that provide my home with privacy, as well as shelter for birds and rabbits, don’t need tiny lights to turn them into Christmas trees.

Of course, The Murph, with his short legs, has a rougher time of it although he LOVES to run through the snow – leaping through it like a rabbit.Copyrighted-dachshund in snow

Someone sent me a very funny poem about a “Dachshund Tunneling Through Snow“. I would love to post it here but it’s not quite G-rated, so I’ll resist. It focuses on the “parts” that get really cold.

Today we’re supposed to get more snow with 45 mph winds, so stay inside and look for the beauty around YOUR yard.Copyrighted-snow pyracantha

Copyrighted-snow covered MurphyThen go inside and get warm with a cup of hot cocoa.

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