A funny golf story … well, it’s funny NOW!

twogolfersRecently an out-of-state person contacted me regarding help with finding a golf Pro for lessons near Worthington. This reminded me of a funny golf story from many, many years ago. It could have NOT been a funny story, but fortunately all ended OK.

I was attending OSU at the time, and taking golf as the required Phys. Ed. class. My then husband and I played golf quite frequently, so getting lessons via the class was an added bonus. And, it really DID help my game!

Near the end of the OSU quarter, we were playing a course in Mt. Vernon (Knox County). I had just hit a really good tee shot with my driver. My husband commented on how much further my drives were going and asked what I was doing differently.

I proceeded to show him the different grip, the different elbow position, etc. He was standing behind me on the tee box, but I thought he was several feet behind me.  He, in turn, didn’t think I would be taking a full swing. Well, we both thought wrong and I hit him in the head … not on the backswing but at the end of my forward swing … with the driver! golf cart

He collapsed, but recovered shortly. We immediately went to the ER where it was determined his cheek bone was broken. He was already scheduled to have wisdom teeth removed, so this additional work was scheduled to be done at the same time … at OSU Hospital … coincidentally on the same day as I was to have the final exam for my Phys. Ed. class. Surprisingly, he didn’t get black eyes, nor was it painful for him. That’s why we could joke about it.

He took quite a bit of razzing from his co-workers – “are you sure she didn’t do it on purpose?” Plus, in my class, the instructor decided to take the opportunity to talk about SAFETY! The Dr’s and nurses at the hospital also had a great deal of fun with the story! The only one who didn’t think it was so funny was our 8-yr old daughter who didn’t understand why mommy hit daddy.rifle man

Now, two additional bits of info …


  • I got an ‘A’ in the class
  • I signed up for riflery the next quarter 😉

This story has nothing to do with him being my “then” husband …. HONEST … HONEST!!

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