30-yr Anniversary of the “Big Blizzard”

Copyrighted 1978 Blizzard-1Thirty years ago today we had the “Blizzard of 78“. I don’t remember hearing any special warnings that it was on the way. I’m sure forecasting was much different then, although it doesn’t seem that long ago. We were living in Marysville at the time in an all-electric ranch home. The winds began howling in the evening. By the time we were ready to go to bed, I wanted to open up the door to see what it looked like outside. I had a great deal of trouble getting the door open as it was frozen. As I kept pulling, my ‘then-husband’ (yes, the same one) told me to just leave it alone. I didn’t. I got the door open finally – said “Oh, crap!” – then shut the door. Around 4 in the morning, we woke up shivering. We thought we probably lost electricity so we went to the Family Room to start a fire in our log fireplace. Whoops! Seems I didn’t really get the front door shut tightly due to the ice and it had blown open depositing several inches of snow inside. Boy, was I in trouble – AGAIN! Eventually we did lose electricity, so for a couple days our fireplace was the only source of heat and ability to fix food. Because of that, a fireplace is a must-have in any home I buy.Copyrighted 1978 Blizzard We owned a VW Rabbit – one of the few cars at that time with front wheel drive. So after we got the driveway cleared, we drove to the grocery store after taking orders for nearby neighbors whose cars couldn’t go through the snow. When we got there, it was interesting to see what shelves were nearly empty: milk, bread, cereal, cigarettes and beer. Guess that was the ESSENTIALS to surviving a blizzard. Rescue workers used snow mobiles to rescue people in the rural areas – people who were sick or women who went into labor. The National Guard blocked people from coming into the city. And we reconnected with each other – no TV to watch. Eventually, it got very boring! You can only play so many games of Monopoly. Electricity is a wonderful thing!

EDITED: What parent hasn’t dressed their child up like my daughter is in the photos, only to have them say, “Mommy, I hafta go ….”! 

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