I can tell … Spring is just around the corner …

raccoonI was criss-crossing southern Delaware county this afternoon doing the things that Realtors® do. There’s still lots of undeveloped land in the midst of the many new housing developments throughout this part of the county.

Often, the native wildlife get pushed out of their former homes, or their feeding grounds get smaller. Deer have an especially tough time … raccoons and skunks, not so much.

Today on many of the roads, I noticed quite a few raccoons and skunks that didn’t safely cross the road. Often there are several flat bodies together … I assume it’s a mama and babies. Too bad.

I’ve come to notice this roadkill phenomenon every year as the animals come out from wherever they spend the winter. It’s my reminder that Spring is on the way.

Of course, we may need to see what the Groundhog says in a couple days.

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