Living with nature. What does it mean to you?

farmerMany home buyers prefer a home where they feel connected with NATURE.

Farmers are certainly connected, but not many of my buyers want to go quite THAT far. Their idea of driving a tractor is owning a little green & yellow one branded John Deere® with mower blades underneath. Who didn’t own one of the toy JD tractors as a child! Heck, even I had one! stream

Some buyers want to live on, near or have a view of water.

Listening to a “babbling brook” can be extremely soothing. That’s why the little automated indoor waterfall fountains have become popular items. People live in cookie-cutter homes, but try to escape with these mini-fountains. Other buyers want their own REAL stream to stick their toes in to feel the cool water gently flow over their feet on its way to bigger bodies of water. Our MLS system allows us to search for homes with a stream or a pond or a lake or waterfront.

To some buyers, nature means having wildlife visit the yard.

bird feederLots of people feed the birds since that is easy to do no matter what the home’s lot or location is. They can attract certain birds based on the type of seed or style of feeder that they offer the feathered community. I have always enjoyed having feeders, and except for the hawk that sometimes visits to eye The Murph as a meal, it’s very pleasurable. bambi

Deer are plentiful in central Ohio, but only properties near woods are priviledged to have them visit. They don’t stray too far from the shelter of trees. Admittedly, deer can be friend or foe, depending on how much they munch away at your favorite landscape plants. But who isn’t affected by those big brown eyes in these gentle creatures and who didn’t shed a tear when they first saw Bambi. We can search for “wooded lot” in our MLS if that’s what the buyer wants. gardner

Maybe the buyer just wants a home where they can putter in a garden.

If you want a garden of flower or landscape plants, then most homes offer that opportunity. However, if you want a food garden, many subdivisions have deed restrictions against “growing crops”. That means you may not be allowed to plant a couple tomatos, lettuce or green pepper plants.

¯Give me land … lots of land …¯

Numerous buyers seek a home with some land so they’re not “on top” of their neighbors. Many developments have quarter to a third-acre lots. In southern Delaware county there is a wide variety of lot sizes. When the farms are turned over to the developers, the land is often platted to be something less than 5 acres. Naturally, we can search for homes according to acreage, but once in a while it’s a little tough because an irregular shaped lot may not have an “official” acreage. This is where it comes in handy to use a Realtor® that knows the area.

OK, now if you’re the type of buyer that says “I want ALL those things!”, stick around till the end of the month. Have I got the perfect home for you!!!!.

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