Birding temporarily replaces real estate business

I took advantage of today’s sunny day to take exterior photos of the new listing near Hoover Reservoir that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. It’s a heavily wooded, ravine lot and the owner’s have many bird feeders around the 3 acres.

To get a good shot of the back of the home, I had to go to the other side of the ravine in order to get the entire home in the camera’s frame. (It’s a big home). I had prepared for this by wearing layers of winter clothing and my boots to navigate the snow.

As I was standing in the midst of the brambles, I heard quite a bit of chatter from all the birds overhead. Then there was silence! At that point I saw a small falcon swooping around the ravine, frightening all the song birds.

I tried to capture a photo, but the falcon flew too fast. As I watched it fly, I noticed in a nearby thicket, were 6 male Cardinals. I’ve not seen so many Cardinals in such a small space. They were gorgeous! I had to use the zoom setting to avoid frightening them away, so the photo isn’t as clear as I would like.

Copyrighted Cardinals

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