Here’s a handy-dandy camera tripod

tripod-002.jpgYesterday I stopped at a camera store to buy a larger memory card for my digital camera. While there, I noticed a nifty device – that I ended up buying.

It’s called a Gorillapod by Joby. It’s a mini tripod with bendable arms that can be wrapped around items for stability. The white areas are a rubbery-type of gripper to keep it from slipping. Just like regular tripods, it has a screw at the top to attach it to the camera.

Per the package, it can hold up to 6 lbs. My old 35mm camera was bit much for it, but the small digital camera that I now use, works great.

I have a regular tripod, but seldom use it because the legs spread out too much, making it hard to fit well into most homes AND still get the entire room into the photo. But not using a tripod sometimes causes slightly blurred photos if I must use a low-light setting where the shutter is open for a longer time. I’m hoping this new little gadget may help with that problem. tripod-005.jpg

I could see this little gadget being handy to use with a video camera. Attach it to the handlebars of your bike or boat, for a ‘reality’ ride. For even more fun, take it to the amusement park and attach it to the handles of the ride. Capture your screams!

As I said, I purchased it at a camera store. I later learned that it’s available at one of the discount electronic stores for half the price. Ah, well, with the price of gas … the camera store was on the way home, the discounter wasn’t.

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