It’s Spring … time to work on the curb appeal.

copyrighted-daffodils.jpgHave you noticed … it’s sort of “trying” to be Spring. The bulb flowers are up hoping to cheer us. I noticed the tiger lilies are up a few inches in the ditches along the roadways. I always enjoy the chirping of the tree frogs, but this year I only hear them when I let The Murph out at night – it’s too cold to have the doors open to better hear them. And the ROBINS … don’t you just love the special sound they make in the Spring!

(I’m trying to be cheerful here, so bear with me. Like others … I’m fighting severe depression with this weather!)

I think we’re supposed to have some sun this weekend. So it may be a good weekend to start cleaning up the yard. Mine is a mess after the winter. I have ornamental grass reeds strewn everywhere with all the strong winds we’ve had. Unfortunately, I have a fence which keeps them from blowing into the neighbor’s yard, so they’re mine all mine. I’m weighing what to do this weekend … hold an open house or work in my yard.

Hm-m-m-m … sell a house or get sore muscles. What to do – what to do!

Well, since I’m a Realtor®, I suppose I really should work on making my own home presentable. You know, practice what I preach, since I tell sellers that they really need to have good curb appeal. That is SO important because buyers will judge the inside maintenance by how well the outside looks. If an owner hasn’t cared for the outside, then drive-by buyers may decide to not view a home because of concern that the interior will not be in good condition either.

Since it’s still a little too early to do much other than cleaning up the yard, try to get the leaves – and other junk – raked up this weekend if you can. If you’re really into it, rake the grass that is matted down from the snow. It will allow what little sun we get to shine on the new grass that is trying to Copyrighted Scotts lawmgrow. Once that is all done, you can either fertilize or put down a crabgrass preventer with fertilizer in it.

It’s too early to plant grass seed yet – wait till May to do that. Remember that making your lawn look nice is one of the cheapest improvements you can do to improve your curb appeal and thus, your opportunity to get your house sold.

If you want advice from an expert, go to Ashton Ritchie’s blog to read what he has to say or to ask him questions. He’s a Scotts® spokesman and knows everything there is to know about lawns and gardens. You’ve probably seen him in the Scotts® TV ads or on Saturday morning garden shows. Just tell him the Peanut Team sent you! 😉

His blog has lots of good tips plus, there are special sections for New Homeowners and people with pets. There is also a photo gallery for people to show off their lawn or even their pet. Maybe I need to take a photo of The Murph standing in front of a bag of Turfbuilder®.

Murph’s Advice: always follow all directions on any lawn or garden product regarding pets.


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