Know the difference between Delaware City vs Delaware County

In the past year I’ve noticed that the media, and sometimes city officials, use the terms Delaware County and Delaware (city) as interchangeable terms. They’re not.

Delaware COUNTY is a large, rather square (on the map) county that can be said to have four to five rather distinct segments. Those segments differ visually (terrain & housing styles), housing prices, demographically and by growth amounts. There is also a more subtle difference to the local governments and how well they do – or don’t do – in addressing or protecting zoning laws or planned development. There are also at least 6 school districts that service the homes.

When you read something in the media, usually they are writing about SOUTHERN Delaware County, since that is where much of the population growth and activity is. That info does not necessarily translate to the city of Delaware nor the northern portion of the county. Those areas are much different in the terrain, the developmental growth, the housing styles & prices, the demographics and the local governments.

I think it’s misleading to people when it’s inferred that the whole county is the same. A writer would never lump all of Franklin County into one blanket statement because it has so many unique areas. Columbus is different from Worthington which is different from Dublin which is different from Canal Winchester, etc. etc. The same holds true for Delaware County.

So the next time you read something about the county, pay attention to the area they are actually writing about and if they use the terms interchangeably, know that the writer isn’t as well informed as they should be. It’s just a pet peeve of mine!

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