Get Off my Ash … update #4

When I came home today, I noticed a yellow card hanging on my door. It was from the Delaware City Grounds & Facilities Dept. They were notifying us that our street trees – all ash trees – had been treated with a systemic insecticide to control the Emerald Green Ash borer.

The systemic insecticide they used is AC14 Acecap97. They went on to say that implants had been placed in the trunk. The treatment lasts for one year and will be repeated in subsequent years. The treatment period is April and May.

The cost of the treatment is being paid for by the City and is 5% of the cost to remove and replace the trees. They’re hoping that if they do this and keep the trees healthy for a few years, it may bide some time while hoping that a new/better treatment will be developed to prevent the spread of the borer.

They’re going to monitor our trees this summer and if they feel that any are too infested, they may decide to remove the tree. So the saga continues.

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City workers cut down the infected tree

EDITED: I’ve noticed that there are some twig sprouts along the trunk of the tree in front of my home which is a bad sign. The leaf canopy isn’t as thick and vibrant as in the past, so it appears my street tree is infected. I sure hope the insecticide works and that the City doesn’t decide it needs to be removed.

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