I DIDN’T shop till I dropped …

I dislike shopping. Let me re-phrase that. I dislike shopping for clothes. I like shopping at stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Anderson’s or Giant Eagle. But shopping for clothes is akin to sticking toothpicks under my fingernails.

I don’t recall how many years the Polaris Mall (Lewis Center) has been in existence but tonight was the first time I’ve been there, and even then I didn’t go in the Mall portion … just one of the anchor stores close to the parking lot.

I had to bite the bullet because my eldest granddaughter is getting married this Saturday. We’ve known the wedding date for nearly a year, so I guess you could call me a 1st class Procrastinator. The “mother-of-the-bride” told me what I could/should wear.

I “think” I found something acceptable … I’ll need to run it by the “M-O-T-B” for final approval. I’ve still got to buy a couple more things since I ran out of patience – couldn’t take the pain under the fingernails any longer.

As I was trying to select some jewelry, a 2-yr old was screaming at the top of her lungs and the mother simply ignored it. This went on for a good 15 min. Another lady near me groaned that she HATED shopping and mumbled something about today’s kids being out of control. I sympathized with the toddler. Hey, if I could cry I would, too!

I also learned … the hard way … that some restrooms are UNISEX. When did THAT happen! I opened the door under the “RESTROOM” sign … and walked in on man standing. (I’m still working on getting THAT image out of my mind.) HINT: if you’re using a unisex restroom designed to only hold one person, it might be wise to LOCK the door!

When I was in the Fitting Room, I quickly lost patience with trying to undo the little ribbony things that hold the clothes to the hanger. The outfit I selected was 3-pieces so I had to “fight” with 6 of these little ribbony things that were wound around the neck of the hanger so tightly I couldn’t undo but a couple of them. Finally decided I would just buy the outfit and finish trying it on at home. That way the check-out clerk had to figure out a way to get them untangled from the hanger. Then there were the little boys, whose mother was in a nearby fitting cubicle, that kept looking under the various doors until a sales clerk had to tell them to STOP THAT!

My last stop was the Shoe Dept. I selected a particular style but then realized I had to wait for one of the three clerks to actually go get the right size shoe in a backroom. By now it was after 9 PM and there were at least 4 shoppers in line for the same thing. I gave up and left. I’ll buy shoes somewhere else where the boxes are stacked with the shoes.

Thankfully, it’ll be a few years before my NEXT eldest granddaughter is old enough to get married. That will give me time to recover …

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