Get off my Ash … update #5

Well, it’s not looking good for more ash trees on my street. There are about 4 more that are in severe decline. The tops are virtually bare with extensive sprouting along the trunk … indications that the ash borer larvae have stopped the flow of nutrients up the trunk.

Surprisingly, the trees on the opposite side of the street still appear OK, although they likely have been infected. Perhaps, their infection is not yet as major.

As I said in a prior update, the city installed systemic insecticide plugs this Spring to help curtail further larvae destruction until a better treatment can be found. The ash tree in front of my home had the trunk sprouts until I cut them off a couple weeks ago. So far the top of the tree still has leaves but they’re not as large or as full as in past years. Perhaps it’s been a benefit that there has been lots of rain, so at least the trees aren’t further stressed from lack of water.

Thank goodness the trees in our yards are now rather large so we won’t be “bare” when the city cuts down the street trees.

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