Here’s a primer on being a Buckeye if you’re relocating here

Let it be known that if you relocate to the Central Ohio area, you WILL be expected to become a BUCKEYE! We’re passionate here about all things Buckeye … especially the football team. So get used to it.

Outsiders may not know what being a Buckeye means, so here’s some things to help you blend in.

The Buckeye tree is our state tree that produces a sorta round brown nut with a cream spot on the top. It obtained its name because it resembles a buck deer’s eye. The nut is supposedly poisonous to eat which is why “that-state-up-north” has some disparaging chants about it being a worthless nut. Never mind what “that-state-up-north” says, we Buckeyes are enterprising and make a delicious candy for game days that looks like the nut, but tastes like Reeses® Peanut Butter Cups.

TBDBITL stands for The Best Damn Band In The Land, and of course, refers to the OSU Marching Band. It’s pronounced “ta-bid’-al”. There’s nothing like being in THE SHOE when the band comes out from the tunnel and 100,000 people stand up to clap and cheer. It’s a spiritual experience and can be known to bring tears to our eyes for the shear magnitude of the response and the pride we feel for our Buckeyes.

THE SHOE is the Ohio Stadium, but it doesn’t look so much like the horseshoe anymore since they closed in the end zone and added on the press box. My fondest memories at The Shoe were the four years I watched Archie play all his home games there. I also went to all the away games that he played at “that-state-up-north”. (I won’t talk about the “yard marker incident” with Woody. Yep, saw THAT, too!)

BRUTUS is the mascot. While I’m sure that the new costume is much easier on the person inside, I have a soft spot in my heart for the original mascot. The original one was a big round fiberglass head with movable fuzzy eyebrows and movable mouth. When times weren’t going so well, that Brutus could frown with a furrowed brow. In the early 70’s, I made my own paper-mache version of that mascot. I had it autographed by Archie & Ray Griffin, Corney Greene, and Anne Hayes when they attended one of our Union County OSU Alumni meetings. It’s one of the few things I own that my daughters intend to fight over after I’m gone.

Shopping For Homes Here: It’s highly likely that you’ll find rec rooms decorated in scarlet & gray with OSU logos and paraphernalia stuck everywhere. You should view these rooms as “adding value” to the home, much like granite counter-tops or hardwood floors. 🙂

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