Simple Observations While Grocery Shopping

Christmas is only two days away, so a trip to the grocery store was in order. I shop at either the Giant Eagle in Lewis Center or Powell because I like earning the discounts on food or gas. Yes, they’ve got me.

Dinner will be at one of my daughter’s home, so I only need to “bring stuff”. One of the dishes that’s always on my list is scalloped oysters. My Mom always fixed this dish and I love it. Now I fix it for my sons-in-law and myself. My daughters don’t like oysters … maybe its a guy-thing … they’ve heard the “claims” about oysters. Anyway, I’ve learned that Giant Eagle always sells out of oysters early so I needed to buy early. One year I waited too long and ended up driving to all the grocery stores from Powell to Westerville trying to find a store that still had some.

senior-citizensEither I’m getting shorter – a real possibility – or the shelves are getting higher. I was trying to reach a couple of the few remaining bags of oyster crackers that were on the top shelf. Couldn’t do it. Fortunately a tall man saw my futile efforts and said, “Lady! let me help!” You know you’ve reached “that age” when people call you “Ma-am” or “Lady“.

One of the things I enjoy about going to the grocery, is that I often see a client. This trip was no different. It’s so nice to see them and get the latest updates. How’s the house? How are the kids?

The store was out of REAL butter … only the unsalted version or the fake stuff was left . Guess that means I’m not the only one who doesn’t worry about cooking healthy for the holidays.

man-cell-phoneAnother thing I always get a kick out of is seeing the husbands who’ve been sent to pick up some last minute items. You’ve seen them. They’re standing there on their cell with list in hand talking to the wife and trying to figure out which of the items on the shelf she wants them to buy. Before cell phones, these hapless men frequently bought the wrong thing then had to make a return trip to buy the RIGHT thing. “I told you to get cream of mushroom soup NOT cream of asparagus soup!” Now, the guy would try to rationalize that the mushroom soup was all gone, and asparagus seemed like a good alternative because it’s an “odd” ingredient like a mushroom is. No … that just never worked, did it!

As I loaded my goods on the checkout belt, the lady in front of me saw my ice cream drumsticks and asked, “For the grandchildren, huh!” I wasn’t brave enough to tell her they were a treat for ME, so I just said, “yes”. Geez, can’t grandmas eat the fun stuff once in a while!

I’ve been fighting a bad chest cold for the past several weeks, so bought some Daytime Nyquil for chest congestion. Don’t we all love the little buzz we get from Nyquil? Well, when I was checking out, the cashier had to get the manager to come over to move the bottle through the scanner because the cashier was under 18 and not permitted to handle ALCOHOL! Who knew that Nyquil had THAT MUCH alcohol – especially the daytime version!

I’m now all set with the ingredients for “my stuff” and now only need to go to City BBQ in Powell on Wednesday to pick up the turkey breast I ordered. I really wanted their ham – it’s wonderful – but reservations had already been made for their planned supply.

Writing this post has made me hungry. Think I’ll check out those ice cream drumsticks.

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