Staying positive when your nose hairs are frozen

flyOK … that title may be a little gross, but sometimes we have to tell it like it is. I try to be a relatively positive person and try to view the glass as half full.

So what’s to be positive about the winter we’ve been having?worm


With those extreme cold temps we just had, there SHOULD be fewer bugs this summer because they, too, will be frozen. Sometimes our winters aren’t all that bad and the insects that overwinter in the upper few inches of the soil, will survive quite nicely. Then when warm weather comes along – finally – we’re deluged with fighting masses of insects.beetle

I’m just hoping that the layer of snow on the ground isn’t offering a form of insulation for the creepy crawlies.

Any entomologists out there to give an opinion on whether it’s been cold enough – long enough – to kill the critters?.

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