Thank goodness for a home office

I’m really glad I operate a home office on days like today! It appears there is around 7-8″ of snow ABOVE the rim of the bird bath. The wind is now blowing the loose snow which will create white-outs for drivers. Delaware County is under a Level 2 so people should avoid driving.

Hey, I’m OK with that!

The snow is now deeper than The Murph is tall … and he’s able to walk on the inch of ice that’s sandwiched between this morning’s snow and yesterday’s snow. I have to keep an eye on him because if he breaks through the ice, he gets trapped. Yes, I shovel a little path for him so he can go to his “favorite place“.

This has been a lo-n-n-n-n-g winter … and we have another month or two yet to go! Maybe I shouldn’t have moved back home to Ohio from Tucson.

Call me STO-O-PID!

Tip: Check current road conditions and road camera views at You can check the whole state or just central Ohio.

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