Our country is going to the dogs!

Fooled you … this is NOT a political rant! This is just a light-hearted fun post. I decided we could use that on a Sunday morning.

A recent Forbes article discusses America’s love affair with pets, specifically dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, the Top 10 breeds are: Yorkie, German Shepherd, Golden, Beagle, Boxer, DACHSHUND, Bulldog, Poodle, and Shih Tzu.

The Murph is pleased to have made the list.

The Forbes article also includes a photo tour of the Top 10 breeds by city. For Columbus, OH the Top 10 are: Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Yorkie, Boxer, Golden, Poodle, Bulldog, Miniature Schnauzer, DACHSHUND, and Doberman.

As a Dobie lover … I’ve had 3 … I’m glad to see they made the list as well. They made it to the Top 10 in only a few cities, but Doxies made it to the list for most cities.

“The list reflects the times,” says Sarah Wilson, expert for PBS’s Why We Love Cats and Dogs. “These dogs are friendly and happy and love to lie on their owner’s lap. People want a dog that is a companion and that they can cuddle with.”

Anyone who is owned by a dog, knows that special feeling of being greeted at the door by an energetic tail-wagger when we come home from a hard day. They reduce our blood pressure and make us feel really special. Their exuberance is reflected in their whole body … then they go take a nap.

The article went on to say that even in the current economy, spending on pet supplies and OTC medicines is projected to have increased 5.1% last year to $10.3 billion.

Maybe I should tell my daughter – who works for a stock brokerage firm – to move my IRA to the pet industry. Perhaps, I could get back some of the money I’ve lost.

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