Neighbors are a lot like in-laws

Have you ever thought about how much neighbors are like in-laws? Yeah, me neither … until now.

weddingWhen we’re single and vulnerable to Cupid’s arrow, we magically find that special person that makes our heart go pitty-pat. We want to spend every waking hour with this new-found friend that makes our world so exciting.

Finding the perfect home is a lot like finding the perfect mate. We can see ourselves living in the home … fixing coffee in the morning or kicking off our shoes in the evening. It’s a perfect fit for the memories to come.

Eventually we are introduced to THE IN-LAWS! We’re under the microscope where we’re examined to see if we are really “good enough” for their son or daughter. They scrutinize every word, every look, every mannerism, trying to see the real person inside. Sometimes we measure up and sometimes we’re put on probation.

neighborNeighbors do the same thing. Have you ever moved into a new home and on moving day, felt like you were being watched? There’s a good chance you were. Neighbors are checking out the furniture that gets carried in or the people that are helping you move. Do those people look like the type to have loud, beer-swigging parties, or are there children for their kids to play with? Will you measure up or will you be on probation?

Once we find the perfect mate, we’re kind of stuck with the in-laws. Same goes for the neighbors of the home we select. At least we usually get to know the in-laws first before we make the final marriage commitment. We’re not likely to meet the neighbors prior to buying a home. It’s potluck, baby!

There are good and bad neighbors just as there are good and bad in-laws. At least if the neighbors are absolutely too bad, you can just plan to sell the home in a few years. With in-laws, you’re stuck!

Of course, MY sons-in-law think they have a WONDERFUL mother-in-law …

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