The Google Toolbar simplifies life.

Here’s a handy computer tip for you. If you install the Google Toolbar, you can easily perform searches on Google without closing out the web site you’re currently on since a new page tab will open for the search results.

A Google search box is included with the tool bar, so simply type in the keywords of the search, and voilá, you’ll get your results. You can easily search maps by entering an address into the search box. There is a spellcheck feature which I find works a little better for checking email messages or my blog posts. Or if you wonder who owns that phone number that’s calling you as a telemarketer, simply type the phone number – with dashes – into the search box. Chances are other people have already reported the number and you’ll be able to see the complaints.

The Toolbar has other features as well, so you can have it show the icons that are most beneficial to you. Once you add it to your other toolbars, I think you’ll find it a handy gadget. When I occasionally use the computers in the Worthington office, which don’t have the Google Toolbar, I really miss it. You might want to try it.

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