Get off my Ash … update #7

Well, it is obvious that the ash tree in front of my home has succumbed to the emerald ash borer.

This is what the tree looked like two years ago when I first started blogging about the borer’s damage.

June 2007

June 2007

This is what the tree looks like now. Only a few limbs have any sign of leaves.

May Ash Trees 003

May 2009

The tree to the west of this tree has also succumbed. The tree to the east was already cut down in Jan 2008. Many others on this side of the street to the east are looking the same way. The trees further down the west side of the street seem as though they’ll start to weather the onslaught for another year. There seems to be different varieties of ash trees – male and female? – so I wonder if that is making a difference as to why some have been attacked earlier than others.

This is so sad!

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