A magnificent garden … recession or not!

Have you planted your salad garden yet this spring? I noticed my neighbors added a small garden box a few weeks ago and were adding the plants over the weekend. I suspect more such gardens were created this year as people try to be more frugal AND to have better tasting veggies. Vine ripened tomatoes and peppers simply have so much more flavor. Now if you’re REALLY into gardening, you can build a large deer-proof enclosure if your deed restrictions allow, as this home has. This garden was designed by a landscape architect.

It contains raised beds for easier tending to the plants. Some boxes have covers that can be closed to protect early plants from late frosts that might damage them. That’s fresh spinach eagerly growing in the sunshine. The walkways between the beds provide mud-free paths. April 26,09 005 The unique home that is connected to this magnificent garden also has a special plant preparation room complete with concrete floor and a sink for easy clean-up. Pretty cool, isn’t it! April 26,09 003 There is also another room that provides a cool place to store the produce, such as potatoes and onions, for the winter.

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