I need advice from an arborist or entomologist

This photo is of a Kwansa (sp?) cherry tree. I noticed that one of it’s limbs is bare. Tonight I noticed that the trunk bark is pulled away and there are ¼” holes all along the trunk. I can’t tell if an insect has made the holes or a bird.

This tree isn’t far from my house so I’ve not noticed any birds hanging on the trunk. Other than The Murph, the only critters I’ve seen in the yard are rabbits and a chipmunk. I’m not sure why so much of the bark is pulled away. It only looks like this on the bottom 3-feet of the trunk.

BTW, my yard is fenced and there are no deer. For perspective, that’s The Murph standing behind the tree so as you can tell, the tree isn’t very large.

Can anyone tell me what is attacking this tree?


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