Murphy responds to doxie-killing cop story

The Murph ask to be a Guest Writer for this post.


Mom just told me about a tweet from NBC4 regarding a news story about a Danville VA cop shooting an 11-year old miniature dachshund. The officer was serving a warrant at a neighbor’s home when “Killer” began running toward the officer.

Later, Killer’s owner spoke with the officer who by now was leaning against his patrol car, smoking a cigarette. The officer said “he had to shoot the dog because it was BARKING at him.”

For all the trigger-happy cops out there, here’s an instruction manual on miniature doxies:

  • Dachshunds BARK and we do that very, very well. We have what is called a “sharp” bark. That’s so we can be heard when we’re down in the rabbit hole.
  • Miniature doxies aren’t supposed to weigh more than 11 lbs per the AKC standards. You can kick us away … you don’t have to shoot us.
  • We’re called “ankle biters” for a reason. Have you checked out the length of our legs? At best, we’ll tear a hole in your socks.
  • Our teeth aren’t sharp because we’re supposed to retrieve rabbits without harming the pelt.
  • We try really hard to protect our families and therefore, sound the alert to our loved ones. You, Mr. Cop, were an unknown intruder into the neighborhood. Killer was merely warning his family of potential danger. I do the same thing when the meter reader walks by my back door.
  • Killer was 11-years old. That’s 77 in human years. That’s like the cop that tasered the 72-yr old grandma.

I feel sorry for Killer’s family.

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