Tartan Ridge Parade of Homes in Dublin was busy today

worked at the New England Homes model this afternoon at the Parade of Homes in Dublin. There were many people who walked through, often saying that it was their favorite model. I took photos of some of the models as well as a portion of the interior of the New England model.

This year’s parade included 11 homes. The styles are unique in that the Parade site developer requested that the homes resemble styles from the late 1700’s to early 1900’s. Many of them have been designed to look like the original home has been “added onto” with them being much deeper than they are wide. Several of the homes are already sold, but I’m 100% sure that if you want one, the builders will gladly build YOU a new one. 🙂

  1. COMPASS HOMES:  $599,000 for 3516 sq ft
  2. COPPERTREE HOMES: $644,000 for 3780 sq ft
  3. DANI HOMES: $849,230 for 4454 sq ft
  4. DUFFY HOMES: $789,900 for 4849 sq ft
  5. GOSSING CONSTRUCTION: $769,000 for 4400 sq ft
  6. KEVIN KNIGHT & CO: $949,000 for 5000 sq ft
  7. LAKEWOOD BUILDERS: $765,000 for 5100 sq ft
  8. M/I HOMES SHOWCASE: $799,000 for 4700 sq ft
  9. NEW ENGLAND HOMES: $850,000 for 5566 sq ft
  10. ROMANELLI & HUGHES: $917,000 for 5700 sq ft
  11. STAFFORD GROUP: $895,000 for 5381 sq ft

The Parade lasts until July 26 so there is still time for you to visit.

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