Thai Orchid is now open in Powell

ThaiOrchid in Powell OhioThai Orchid recently opened their new restaurant in Powell. When I first saw their sign indicating they were moving, I was excited. I would occasionally stop for carry-out at their former location on Sawmill Rd further south in Columbus. Having them move “north” off of Sawmill Pkwy (just north of Seldom Seen Rd) would be more convenient for me.

I decided to stop last night for the first time to pick up a Sunday evening dinner. This new location has a carry-out window. GREAT! Orders picked up at the carry-out window receive a 10% discount. EVEN GREATER! So I ordered inside, then sat in the WEENR-mobile for 15 min before driving thru the carry-out window. I picked up one of the carry-out menus so the next time I can order in advance.

A lot of the items on their menu are identified as “HOT”. I don’t do “HOT”, so my choices were more limited but still plentiful. A word of caution – the seafood sauce made my eyes water and it wasn’t just from the horseradish. As always, the meal I ordered was very good. Now I’ve got another restaurant to add to my possible carry-out places when I’m in Powell on my way home.

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