Check the battery & the hard drive … and sweep out the dog hair

I wish computer repair shops would set their business up like car repair shops. When the WEENR-mobile needs service, I call the dealer to make an appointment. Then I can wait in their lounge while the service is done. If the specific repair will take more than one day, I can arrange to rent a car.

My laptop is as critical to my business as the WEENR-mobile is. But with a computer repair store, I can’t schedule an appointment for the service. Many want you to leave the computer so they can work on it as they have time.

One of the repair companies actually has just one place where the computers are repaired, so one day is wasted as a delivery person makes rounds to the stores to pick up computers then takes them to the repair place. Another day is wasted as they repeat that process taking the computer back to the store after it’s repaired. I’m sure this is an efficient set-up for them by having all the technicians and repair supplies in one place, but it can hardly be said to be “good customer service”.

Computers are such a critical part of our lives – just like our cars – but we don’t have an option to get a rental, like we can with a car. We also can’t schedule to bring our computers in for routine service and know that we can have it in a couple hours. I’ve even heard them say they may have to send it to the manufacturer for repair. Imagine having a car dealer tell us the vehicle has to go back to the manufacturer for repair.

Perhaps it’s because the computer repair folks are first and foremost geeks, and not business people so they may not be as tuned into the importance of customer service.

Can you tell, I just had some computer issues? Perhaps, if I could schedule my laptop for a tune-up like my car, I would have it serviced regularly so that major problems could be avoided. I’d be far more willing to take it in on a regular basis to have all the DOG HAIR swept out of it. Yep, that was a big part of the problem! Thanks, Murph!

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