Southern Delaware County is a great place to live, except for …

I like living in Southern Delaware County. From my home, I am only 6 minutes from Powell, 15 minutes from Dublin or Westerville, and 20 minutes from Worthington. It takes longer to go to Worthington because of all the traffic lights on Rt 23. For the rest of the suburbs, I take the “back roads”.deer

By driving the “back roads” I get to enjoy the scenery which includes luxury homes, wooded land, farm fields, farm animals, rivers, and yes, these guys.

Because of all the wooded areas along the roads, deer are quite plentiful. Some say they are too plentiful. A couple years ago, I read that Southern Delaware County has more car/deer encounters than any other area around the Columbus metro region. I know I see A LOT of carcasses along the roads, especially along Rt 23 where traffic is heavy and going much faster.

I’ve had several close calls this fall. I had another last night driving home from Powell on Liberty Rd. Africa Rd and Olentangy River Rd are other roads where deer are numerous. One evening I rounded a curve on Big Walnut Rd to suddenly come upon 8-10 deer standing in the middle of the road.

A friend, and fellow agent, who also lives in southern Delaware County, recently had a deer run into her new Prius. The deer won … the Prius not so much. Guess the deer didn’t know or care that the car is designed to help their environment.

Deer can be a problem anytime, but the fall rut is especially troublesome, as the deer bound across the roads chasing a mate. Could be they’re not thinking with their heads. 😉  If you’re driving after dark or early in the morning, be careful out there.

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