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Blog Tour USA 2006, Worthington Ohio 43085

Joe (left), Rudy (middle)

Last night I received a surprise recognition from Sellsius (Joe Ferrara, real estate attorney, NY). For the past four years, Joe has selected the Top 12 Women Real Estate Bloggers. As he says on his blog, he looks for women who are “pushing the envelope, using video, and sharing community service, charity and education beyond the written word“. I made Joe’s list for 2009. I am so shocked and thrilled to receive this national recognition. 

I had the priviledge of meeting Joe in 2006 when he and Rudy Bachraty (now with Trulia) were on a bus tour for Blog USA across America. They made a stop at the Real Living HER office in Worthington. 

Top 12 Women Real Estate Bloggers 2009

Click to read Sellsius' post on the Top 12 list with photos

While I’ve not personally met any of the women in the list, I do read some of them and follow them on Twitter or Facebook. Via their local blogs, they provide a lot of good real estate market info for their readers. They’ve kept up on technology as well as their market. That’s impressive. 

Some of the current and past winners are listed on my side bar. If you’re planning to relocate to any of those areas, I highly recommend giving those top agents a call for assistance. The other eleven 2009 Top Women Bloggers for 2009 are: 

OK, enough with the self-promotion … now back to the real estate biz.

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