Tee-Hee … no more robo calls for me!

phoneI finally got rid of my land line phone. I had written about doing that last summer but I kept putting it off until I was REALLY, REALLY sure.

I haven’t had the land line for a couple weeks now. I stopped using the land line phone eons ago when I got my first cell phone. I kept it for my fax machine, which we now no longer use either. We use scanners and send pdf’s.

The only people who used my land line were the political robo calls. It really bothered me to pay a monthly charge just for the politicians’ benefit. I’ll be free of that nuisance come this fall, while the rest of you will be slamming down the receiver and saying not-so-nice things about their parentage.

I know that the number of people canceling their land lines is increasing. What I’ve wondered is what will the political polling people do? Obviously, as more people switch to cell-only, the polls will no longer represent the general populace. How will that affect the polling results? Which party do you suppose is more likely to go the cell-only route? Republicans? Democrats? Independents?

Won’t it be fun to have the politicians … AND the news media … to not have a clue on the results until the votes are actually counted! Tee-hee-hee.


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