I don’t have any morels

The Hills Market, Worthington OH 43235The connections a person can make using social media are sometimes quite interesting. Over the weekend, a local person tweeted that she had purchased morel mushrooms at The Hills Market and via her tweet asked anyone for advice on how to prepare them.

I haven’t had morel mushrooms since I was teen when we traipsed through local woods hunting for them. Usually the best time was early May when there had been ample rain prior to the temps warming. Near or under the mayapples seemed the best spots.  Because it was so hard to find them in the woods, we treasured them as gold, savoring every bite.

After reading her tweet, I immediately hopped in the WEENR-mobile and drove to The Hills – my taste buds waiting in eager anticipation. OH NO! They sold out quickly. I bought a few of the specialty foods and drove home disappointed. I then tweeted what I had done.

A short time later, I received a tweet reply from The Hills Market. Apparently, they have a search set up to track any mentions of their name (a smart thing for companies to do). They advised me that a new supply should be coming in Monday or Tuesday. I stopped by this afternoon, but still no morels. The office manager said they would put the word out on their Facebook fan page.

So I’m still without “morels” 🙂 If I do manage to get some, I’ll be sure to edit this article and include a pix of them frying in the pan of butter. Oh, yum!

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