A nibble here … a nibble there … at the Taste of Powell

Taste of Powell at Columbus Ohio ZooLast night I attended the Taste of Powell at the Columbus Zoo, sponsored by the Powell Chamber. The evening allowed the many restaurants around Powell to promote their most delicious fare to the 500 attendees.

I had a great time. I saw a couple who were former neighbors when we both lived in our “first” homes. Thanks to smartphones, we shared updated photos of our kids – have they really gotten THAT old? – and of course, our current dogs.

A neighbor that lives close to one of my listings was there. He owns a B & B and when we last talked, I told him I could help him promote his B & B by doing a video for him. I’ll be doing that in the next couple weeks. He thinks I’m wonderful. 🙂

Twitter friends IRL

Elaine with 2 Tweeples

I also got to meet IRL three people whom I follow on Twitter. That’s always fun because you come to know people online although we’ve never met in person. That’s why it’s helpful to look like your avatar.

Taste of Powell at Columbus Ohio ZooThe restaurants set up their offerings in two enclosed buildings which provided ample opportunity for people to “graze”. Little plates make you feel less guilty about the calories – as long as you don’t count the number of little plates.

Some of the favorite dishes that I especially enjoyed was the crab from Lost Shepherd, the Oriental chicken salad from Gooseneck Tavern (best I’ve ever had), the Kahlua Fudge cupcake from Cakes of Distinction (yes, it was as sinful as it sounds), and the cinnamon buns from Costco. I bypassed the gyro from Greek Express because I have a “frequent flyer” card with them and the Culver’s chocolate sundae – another place I stop at frequently. I don’t often have sushi, but Kogen’s dish cleared my sinuses with the horseradish! I had a really good roast pork sandwich but I forget what restaurant had that. Remember, I was grazing.

If, by now, you’re salivating, be sure to try some of the eateries in Powell. There are many more for you to choose – just ask for the little plates so you won’t feel the guilt.

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