Enjoyed a sunny day at Easton Town Center

I went to the Easton Town Center to have lunch with my first-born’s family to celebrate her birthday. I can’t tell you which birthday it is as she wouldn’t speak to me again. All I want to say is that I was only 2 years old when she was born. 😉

I don’t like to shop so I’ve never gone to Easton to shop, although a LOT of people do. Until today, I had only been to Mitchell’s Ocean Club when some clients took me there after we closed on their home (it was WONDERFUL!

Today we went to Bon Vie, which is a favorite of my daughter.

Eggs Benedict from Bon Vie, Easton Town Center, Columbus Ohio

We ate from the brunch menu, so I had Eggs Benedict, although the quiche that others ordered looked very good.

Afterward we walked through the grounds where tons of people were enjoying a very nice, warm day.

Fountain at Easton Town Center, Columbus OhioPeople were casually eating on outside patios at restaurants that offer al fresco dining.

The two water fountains were popular, especially the one where kiddies can cavort in the many upward sprays.

How tempting would it be to “tap” the guy in the black shirt?

One tap and SPLASH!

Fountain at Easton Town Center, Columbus Ohio

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