Why are there farm silos in Powell?

Are you planning to relocate to Powell? Or are you a new resident of Powell? You may have wondered why there are farm silos in the midst of one of the strip malls on the west side of Powell.

Big Bear silos in Powell OH 43065

A long, long time ago there were local grocery stores called Big Bear. The company had a beautiful farm and home that was on the land and the silos were part of the farm which raised some of the meat sold in the stores. The home eventually was used for meetings, weddings and other occasions.

Unfortunately, the company fell on hard times and was purchased by a larger company, that apparently made bad decisions allowing competitors to come into the market. The grocery stores later went out of business.

I don’t know all the interim details but the farm buildings were torn down except for the silos. To the north of the silos there is now a housing development called Big Bear Farms. Of course, with all the growth that Powell has experienced in recent years, there are many strip centers, eateries, and other businesses in this area now. No doubt, these businesses bring in substantially more tax dollars, but I rather miss the green-roofed, white sided buildings with beef cattle in the fields.

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